Cleasby built air-jacketed kettles are approved and recommended by material manufacturers for heating rubberized asphalt; a preferred material used for below grade waterproofing, garden roofs, plaza decks, and road repair.

Exclusive Full-Sweep Hydraulically Driven Agitator. Offers continuous rotation reducing the chance of the material burning. Available as an upgrade option. Manual agitation is standard.

Exclusive Burner Tube Design. Extends the full length of the material vat with evenly spaced burner holes to distribute heat uniformly. Eliminates hot and cold spots. Available on models 200 gallon and 400 gallon. Barrel burner design is standard on model 100 gallon.

Powerful Hi-output Propane Fueled Burner. Generates up to 550,000 b.t.u.’s depending upon the size of the kettle. Thoroughly heats material within an hour.

100% Automatic Controls With Fail-safe Pilot. Regulates material temperature automatically. No external power source or battery required.

Insulated, Two-Shell Design. Includes a thick layer of hi-temp insulation housed between the material vacant outside shelf to ensure maximum heat-retention.

Hoisting Eyes. Welded on hoisting eyes are conveniently located on all four corners to raise the unit to an elevated surface.

Hitch. Pin hitch is standard. Ball hitch and lunette eye hitch are available as an option.

Advantage Plus Option. Includes a hydraulically driven 60 g.p.m. pump powered by a 9 h.p. Honda engine.

Length: 57”
Height: 52”
Width: 23”
Loading Height: 35”
Material Capacity: 30 gal.
Burner Capacity: 295,000 b.t.u.’s
Agitator: Manual
Hitch: N/A
Engine: N/A

Length: 76”
Height: 59”
Width: 36”
Loading Height: 44”
Material Capacity: 110 gal.
Burner Capacity: 350,000 b.t.u.’s
Agitator: Manual or Hydraulic
Hitch: Pin
Engine: 5.5 h.p. Honda

Length: 141”
Height: 66”
Width: 80”
Loading Height.: 45”
Material Capacity: 200 gal.
Burner Capacity: 375,000 b.t.u.’s
Agitator: Hydraulic
Hitch: Pin
Engine: 9 h.p. Honda

Length: 185”
Height: 66”
Width: 80”
Loading Height: 49”
Material Capacity: 400 gal.
Burner Capacity: 375,000 b.t.u.’s
Agitator: Hydraulic
Hitch: Pin
Engine: 9 h.p. Honda
An essential accessory for transporting the material to those hard to reach areas without risking significant heat loss. Carrying capacity is 5 gallons and includes an insulated lid.

Wt. 18 Lbs. B03175
Spread rubberized asphalt with ease and proficiency with any one of our notched squeegees. A 60” tapered handle is required and sold separately.

18” Notched Squeegee:
24” Notched Squeegee:
36” Notched Squeegee:
Wood Tapered Handle:
Our exclusive mini hot pot heats 5 gallon and 9 gallon rubberized asphalt filled carrying buckets in minutes and can be setup just about anywhere.

Similar in design to our kettles, in that we insert a thick layer of hi-temp insulation between two steel skins to protect equipment users from the heated inner shell and to maximize fuel efficiency. No other hot pot can claim this. Each unit comes complete with a burner and a 5’ l.p.g. hose with 3/8” fittings.

Wt. 100 Lbs.
Cleasby Paver Tool
A fast, efficient tool to safely install various sizes of concrete pavers. Standard size is 24, Custom sizes are made to order.

Model BF-30 Gal. Portable Hot Air
Kettle with Agitator
Portable hot air kettle with heavy duty, hand operated agitator offers the same desirable features of the skid mounted model with the added convenience of being wheeled. Easy to maneuvering in tight areas. The hot air kettle offers fast heat up times. The agitator helps keep materials mixed before use. Equipped with L.P. vapor burner with easy ON-OFF pilot valve, 10’ L.P. hose, thermometer and regulator. Insulated kettles melt approximately 30% more “HOT” than non-insulated.
Safety Tip:
Kettle operator(s) must wear a hard hat with full-face shield, gloves that fit snugly at the wrists, long sleeve shirt that fastens at the wrists, long pants without cuffs and durable footwear that covers the ankles. Wearing inappropriate clothing could cause severe bodily harm due to hot asphalt exposure.
Product Specs:

Overall Length: 58”
Overall Width: 22
Overall Height: 35”
Weight: 155 Lbs
Insulated K05356
60 Air Jacket Rubber Kettle
60 Air Jacket Rubber Kettle
Product Specs:

Capacity: 60 Gallons
Weight: 750 pounds
Height w/Casters: 56" (Loading 38")
Height Less Casters: 49" (Loading 39")
Overall Length: 60”
Overall Width: 31"