Factory installed L.P.G. engine
conversion: K01950

Lunette eye hitch installed on 115 gal.,
200 gal., 260 gal., 350 gal., 425 gal.
kettles: H01450

Lunette eye hitch heavy duty installed
on 540 gal., 695gal., 845 gal., 1200 gal.
kettles: H01450"

Ball hitch installed 2” or 2 5/16”: K02200

Electric brakes (per axle):K02350

Electric brake control unit: K02550

Lockable tool box: K02050

Bucket racks installed (1): K02400

105 gal. propane tank installed: K02675

Drip rails installed

115 gal. drip kettles: K02700

200 gal. to 540 gal. kettles: K02750

695 gal. to 845 gal. kettles: K02800

1200 gal. kettle: K02802
Optional Features Available on All Speed King Kettles
A. Drip Rails

B.Bucket Racks Installed