Burner: Automatic L.P. Vapor Burner with Pilot Light
Burner: Standard L.P. Vapor Burner
Product Specs:

85 Gal. Kettle.........K08250

115 Gal. Kettle ........K08300

200 Gal. Kettle ........K08350

260 Gal. Kettle ........K08400

350 Gal. Kettle.........K08550

425 Gal. Kettle..........K08575

540 Gal. Kettle .........K08600

695 Gal. Kettle..........K08625

845 Gal. Kettle..........K08650

1200 Gal. Kettle..........K08675
Tube Units: Complete
Cover and Handle Assembly
Product Specs:

115 Gal. Kettle: K10800

200 Gal. Kettle: K10850

260 Gal. Kettle: K10900

350 Gal. Kettle: K11050

425 Gal. Kettle: K11075

540 Gal. Kettle: K11100

695 Gal. Kettle: K11125

845 Gal. Kettle: K11150
Product Specs:

115 Gal. Kettle with
Single Burner: K06350

200 Gal. Kettle with
Single Burner: K06400

260 Gal. Kettle with
Single Burner: K06450
Product Specs:

30 Gal. Kettle: K06500

85 Gal. Kettle: K06550

115 Gal. Kettle: K06600

200 Gal. Kettle: K06650

260 Gal. kettle: K06700

350 & 425 Gal. Kettle: K06850

540 & 695 Gal. Kettle: K06900

845 Gal. Kettle: K06950

1200 Gal. Kettle:K06975
Tube Units - Center Tubes
Product Specs:

85 Gal. Kettle.........K09550

115 Gal. Kettle ........K09600

200 Gal. Kettle ........K09650

260 Gal. Kettle.........K09700

350 Gal. Kettle ........K09850

425 Gal. Kettle..........K09875

540 Gal. Kettle .........K09900

695 Gal. Kettle..........K09925

845 Gal. Kettle..........K09950

1200 Gal. Kettle..........K09975
85 Gal. Kettle K07750 425 Gal. Kettle K08125
115 Gal. Kettle K07800 540 Gal. Kettle K08150
200 Gal. Kettle K07850 695 Gal. Kettle K08175
260 Gal. Kettle K07900 845 Gal. Kettle K08200
350 Gal. Kettle K08100 1200 Gal. Kettle K08225
Engines: Briggs & Stratton
Open Briggs & Stratton Engine Chart here.
Engines: Honda
Open Honda Engine Chart here.
A. Pin Hitch with Inner Box

B. Lunnette Eye (Pintle) Hitch with Inner Box
Hitches & Hitch Pins
Product Specs:

2” Ball Hitch with Inner
Box: H01875

2” Ball only: H01225

2 5/16” Heavy Duty Ball Hitch
Coupler only: H01300

2 5/16” Heavy Duty Ball Hitch
with Inner Box: H01825

2 5/16” Ball only: H01900

Lunette Eye Hitch with
Inner Box (fits kettle models
200 gal. - 425 gal.): H01850

Lunette Eye Hitch with
Inner Box (fits kettle models
540 gal. - 1200 gal.: H01855

Pin Hitch with Inner Box: H01800

Pin Lynch: H01700

5/8” Towing Hitch Pin
(fits kettle models
260 gal. - 425 gal.: H02220

3/4” Towing Hitch Pin
(fits kettle models
540 gal. - 1200 gal.): H02210

7/8” Towing Hitch Pin: H02260

1” Hitch Pin: H02270

Hitch Pin Chain: H02275
Stack & Rain Cover Assembly
85 Gal. Kettle: K08700

115 Gal. Kettle: K08750

200 Gal. Kettle: K08800

260 Gal. Kettle: K08850

350 Gal. Kettle: K09000

425 Gal. Kettle: K09025

540 Gal. Kettle: K09050

695 Gal. Kettle: K09075

845 Gal. Kettle: K09100

1200 Gal. Kettle: K09125

Vent Cover only: K08655
Skrew Post & Swivel Wheel
with Brake
Screw Post and Swivel
Wheel with Brake: K13400

Screw Post only (specify
kettle size): K13450

Screw Post complete for
kettle model 115/140 gal.: K14070

Handle only for screw: K14072

Swivel Wheel only with: K13500
Dial Thermometer

21/2” Stem Thermometer
for kettles: T01250

12” Stem Thermometer
for RS200 kettles: T01575

18” Stem Thermometer
for tankers: T01450

Dial Thermometer
with Angle Head

15” Stem for 30 gal.
joint sealer kettle: T01300

24” Stem for oil-jacketed
kettle: T01625
T-Pilot Complete with Tubing
350 Gal. Kettle: K07600

425 Gal. Kettle: K07625

540 Gal. Kettle: K07650

695 Gal. Kettle: K07675

845 Gal. Kettle: K07700

1200 Gal. Kettle: K07715

Lower T-pilot section
only: K07725
Draw-off Cock 21/2”:
Wt. 10 Lbs. K11450

Draw-off Cock Handle
and Disc Assembly: K11465
Draw-off Cock Lock: K11460

Kettle Gasketing (100’ per roll):
Per foot K14075

Rear Drop Leg for kettle: K13550
Tail Light Lens: K02810

Tail Light only
(specify right or left): K02815

Tail Light Shield: K02825
Replacement Parts