Dump Trailer

A Multi-Use Trailer Designed
Specifically for the Construction

• Use for commercial tear-offs.
• Use for residential/shingle tear-offs.
• Haul equipment, material, insulation, etc.

The Most Durable Unit on the Market
& Built for Rugged Use!
Tandem Axel Trailer

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• Truck bed is constructed of 4” structural channel on 16” centers that are gussetted to the long bed members.
• Chassis is a 9” heavy duty structural channel.
• Hydraulics are enclosed in a solid steel lockable box.
• 10,000 Lb. rated drop leg jack.
• 24,000 Lb. rated adjustable coupler on the 5th wheel.

Financially it Makes Sense!

Investment costs: Buy three trailers for the price of one dump truck. Most important, it frees up your towing vehicle for other uses. Simply unhitch the dump trailer and leave it at the job site. Eliminates ever having to rent a debris box again or having to subcontract a tear-off removal to another company.

Never an engine, transmission, rear end or clutch to replace or repair.

Maintenance: Eliminates oil changes, grease jobs, filters and tune-ups.

Labor Costs: Requires fewer drivers and man hours. One driver can handle a half dozen dump trailers.

Insurance and License Costs: Substantially less than that of a dump truck.