Product Specs:

30 Gal. insulated Lo Boy.
Weight: 215 lbs: C00050
Flatbuster tires optional
Hi-Lo Boy
Heavy duty upright rails are drilled to permit easy selection of tank mounting height. Insulated tanks are insulated with high temp glass fiber insulation. Precision formed end caps protect the insulation and help retain heat. Equipped with a braking system.
Tank & Trailer
Available with a 55 gal. or 110 gal. tank mounted on a four-wheeled material trailer. Tank has large fill opening and draw off cock. Insulation is protected by an outer skin and steel end caps. Flashing around hopper insures that the insulation stays dry. Front wheel brake is activated when tow bar handle is lowered.
Product Specs:

55 Gal. insulated drum.
Weight: 120 lbs: C00545

110 Gal. insulated drum.
Weight: 205 lbs

Mounting channels & rods
for 110 gal. drum:C00650

Four Wheel trailer with 400 X 8 tires.
Weight: 150 lbs: C00900

Four Wheel trailer with Flatbuster tires.
Weight: 208 lbs: C00950

Four Wheel trailer with 18 X 8.50 tires.
Weight: 190 lbs:C00850
All Cleasby Hot Carriers are designed to be used in conjunction with Cleasby mini-moppers, mop-carts, feltlayers or bucket service.
Product Specs:

55 Gal. insulated Hi Boy.
Weight: 210 lbs C00250
Flatbuster tires optional
Product Specs:

30 Gal. Hi-Lo insulated.
Weight: 205 lbs: C00350

Weight: 200 lbs:C00410

55 Gal. Hi-Lo insulated.
Weight: 240 lbs: C00400
Flatbuster tires optional
("Tank & Trailer with Optional 18 X 8.50 tires")