Product Specs & Options:

400 x 8 Flatbuster Tires with 5/8”
bearings: W01100

400 x 8 Flatbuster Tires with 1”
bearings: W01125

Tread Free!

Never Goes Flat!
Product Specs & Options:

400 x 8 with 5/8” bearings.
Weight 7 lbs: W00575

400 x 8 with 1” bearings.
Weight 7 lbs: W00550

400 x 8 w/ special short hub for felt layer.
Weight 7 lbs: W00555

350 x 4 for dump trasher.
Weight 4 lbs: W01000

18 x 8.50 for 4 wheel trailer.
Weight 18 lbs: W01250
Product Specs & Options:

10 x 1.75 mop cart wheels.
Weight 4 lbs:W00950

10 x 3 tire for roof saw.
Weight 5 lbs: W00975

12 x 300 rear wheel roof saw.
Weight 12 lbs: W01350

350 x 6 Tail wheel for felt layer.
Weight 7 lbs...W01200

Rear swivel wheel for Hi-Lo Boy.
Weight 11 lbs....W00850

8 x 2.5 wheel for spot mopper.
Weight 3 lbs.......W01425
Product Specs & Options:

Small 7” for tearoff bar.
Weight 3 lbs: W01150

Large 10” for mop carts.
Weight 4 lbs: W01160
Steel Wheels
Flatbuster™ Tires!
60% Lighter Than Traditional Foam Filled Tires! Weight is a mere 12 lbs. per tire.

Slick Surface! A tread free tire. Eliminates any possibility of picking up unwanted asphalt therefore adding to the weight of the tire. Not to mention, tracking asphalt where you may not want it.

Never Goes Flat!
Filled with a lightweight foam core of Endurothane II™ that is molded inside the tire to perfectly conform to the tire and rim. The result is a perfect fit every time.

Never Rolls-Off The Rim!
There is never such a thing as a "Roll-Off". This is due to the fact that the Flatbuster is a standard tire on the outside so the wire bead maintains a safe and secure seal on the rim.
Pneumatic Tires
Air filled tire. Includes wheel, tire, tube and bearings.
Semi-Pneumatic Tires
All solid tire, includes bearing.
Plastic Wheels
Product Specs & Options:

2 x 6 mop cart wheel. Weight 2 lbs: W01075